Desert Rainbow by Abdullah Abdul Mohsin

Abdullah Abdul Mohsin


• Holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the United States of America.
• Head of Cultural Affairs Section of the Office of the General Presidency for Youth Welfare Qatif 1403 _ 1424 and in the eastern region of the Office 1424 _ 1426.
• Supervised courses in drawing the Youth Welfare Office Qatif.
• Participated in a number of local exhibitions since 1974 and lived in the same year an exhibition in person at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Dhahran.
• Establish personal exhibitions in the eastern region.
• Offered his paintings in a number of countries in the world (Spain, Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia and France) and others.
• Such as in terms of the number of occasions Foreign Fine.
• Participated in a number of arbitration local Fine contests.
• Received a number of awards developed in local and foreign exhibitions.

Previous Work by Abdullah Abdul Mohsin