Me By Alia Saad AlBazei, Exhibition on the 3rd of December

Alia Saad AlBazei


About Alia Saad AlBazei (Graphic Designer & Artist)
As an experienced graphic designer, my intention is to make a statement and to impact an audience. I like to do so in the most succinct way possible. I am influenced by everything around me from the weather to the creation of my own paints. I like effortless, clean and fresh concepts. I am able to step out of my comfort zone and try new solutions.

Key Skills
I like to immerse myself in the work, and I have also learned to take a step back and utilize the internet and other resources before I begin. I pay close attention to detail. Researching allows me to more fully comprehend a topic as well as utilize and draw from the inspiration I come across in my research. The advancement in my research techniques and my attention to detail certainly make my work better.

1999 - King Saud University Exhibition (Fine Art Program)
2015 - Between the pages (Solo Exhibition)
2017 - She Said (Solo Exhibition)
2017 - Group Exhibition For charity Association in AlKhobar -KSA
2017 - Zawaya Lonya - Group Exhibition-King Saud University-Riyadh
2017 - ME (Solo Exhibition) - Acoustic Coffee & Tea Lounge


Previous Work by Alia Saad AlBazei