•   Acoustic Breakfast Menu
    Classic French Toast

    French toast topped with Mascarpone fluffy cream and exotic fresh mixed berries

    Crispy Corn Flakes French Toast

    Crunchy flakes on top of your favorite French toast

    Hot Chocolate French Toast

    A delicious combination of your favorite French toast and a mouthwatering hot chocolate nutella sauce and nuts

    Lotus Pancake
    Pancake Options

    Classic Pancake, Oreo Pancake, Red Velvet Pancake, Nutella Pancake

    Arabian Pancake

    Feta, Zaatar and Olive with honey

    Traditional Egg Benedict

    English muffin chicken breast, poached eggs, avocado , spinach topped with Hollandaise sauce

    Egg Bread Bowl

    Our homemade bread bowl filled with cheese, mushroom, spinach and cherry tomato

    Traditional Greek Omlette

    Filled with feta cheese, tomato, green pepper and potatoes

    Selection of Eggs ( Organic )

    Fried Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Omelette

      Special Acoustic Breakfast
    Acoustic Oriental Breakfast

    Three kinds of Halloa Tahenia with 2 kinds of Jam and Feta cheese & Makdous & Olive Served with bread basket selection of Arabic and French Bread

    Beirut Morning

    Labneh, Feta Cheese, Olivies, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes served with Zaatar, Pita Bread and Olive Oil

    2 Types of Foul

    2 Flavors of Middle Eastern Ful made with Garlic, Tomatoes, a hint of Tahini, Lemon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, served with warm Pita Bread

    Fried Falafel Platter

    Served with fresh vegetables & Tahini sauce

    Ottoman Morning

    Shakshooka poached in tomato-salsa sauce and served with warm Pita Bread

    Cheese Platter

    A selection of Emmental, Feta, Brie, and swiss Cheddar Cheese served with nuts & fruits

    Continental Breakfast

    Fresh bread and pastries served with butter, a selection of preserves, with selection of our homemade french Pastry and healthy bread. Healthy Choice, Contain nuts & preparation time up to 20 minutes

      Healthy Breakfast
    Granola Parfait

    Your choice of date, dried apricot, or mixed berries, Layers of crunchy granola and nuts, Greek Yogurt, served with honey

    Seasonal Fresh Fruits
    White Omelette

    Healthy egg white omelette mixed with fresh cilantro, served with healthy bread

    Organic Fried Eggs

    Served with asparagus, topped with fresh italian truffles and truffle oil

      Acoustic Special Breakfast
    Arabian Cheese Platter

    3 kinds of feta, with beetroot, walnuts, zaatar, and hot chili

    Greek Feta Baklava

    Baklava filled with Feta Cheese. Topped with sesame seeds and pure honey

    Egg & Olive Casserole

    Free-range organic eggs with onion, olives and a touch of saffron. Served with a bread basket

    Feta & Olive Casserole

    Feta cheese, olive, and zaatar casserole. Served with a bread basket

      Breakfast Sandwiches
    Halloumi Sandwich

    Served with our homemade panini bread and salad

    Panini Scrambled Eggs

    Homemade panini filled with scrambled eggs, Halloumi and Philadelphia cheese with tomatoes

    Spinach Tortillas

    Tortilla wraps filled with scrambled eggs Feta cheese and spinach

      Freshly Baked Pastries
    Plain Zaatar Croissant
    Cheese Chocolate Croissant
    Rose Pistachio
    Pistachio Croissant Isphahan Croissant

    Only on Saturday (or work order)

    Mamamia healthy bread

    Vitamins Fortified

      Acoustic Catering
      Acoustic Tea Lounge & Art Gallery
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      where our skilled chefs will entertain guests
      while preparing fresh and delicious food
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