Lunch & Dinner

  •   Salads
    Quinoa Salad (Low Calorie)

    Fresh quinoa salad with mango and cucumber in a ginger sauce

    Beetroot Salad

    Baked beetroot with feta cheese, served with romano lettuce and beetroot pink sauce

    Caesar Salad

    Classic caesar salad served with grilled chicken, parmesan cheese and croutons

    Falafel Salad

    Mixed vegetable salad topped with falafel served with tahini dressing

    Rocca Salad (Low Calorie)

    Rocca, mushroom, dried tomato and aged Parmesan served with balsamic

    Fatoush With Halloumi

    Fatoush topped with grilled halloumi, served with homemade lemon sumak dressing

    Soup Of The Day
    Dynamite Shrimp ✦NEW✦

    Fried shrimp served with acoustic dynamite sauce

    Vegetable Spring Roll ✦NEW✦

    Deep fried spring roll filled with vegetables served with spicy ginger sauce

    Chicken Satay ✦NEW✦

    Chicken skewers served with asian satay sauce

    Halloumi Bruschetta

    Healthy bread topped with slices of halloumi cheese and capers

    Cheese Balls

    Crunchy fried cheese balls, served with strawberry sauce and a unique dash of chocolate sauce

    Crispy Balls

    Spinach Risotto with Saffron and rocket sauce

    Shrimp Tempura

    Black tiger prawns with sauce and spicy yogurt

    Fried Wonton

    Deep fried thin layer of pastry stuffed with chicken and ginger, served with mango sauce

    Shrimp Avocado

    Cubed avocado, and mango in a zesty mustard sauce. Topped with grilled jumbo shrimps

      Pasta & Risotto
    Spinach Ravioli

    Italian ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese, served with béchamel basil sauce.

    Shrimp Risotto

    Shrimp risotto presented with Zucchini and fennel

    Vegetable Risotto

    Vegetable risotto served with saffron

    Penne Arrabbiate

    Served with tomatoes in a garlic spicy sauce

    Chicken Fettuccine

    With chicken, mushroom and truffle oil

    Acoustic Lasagne

    Homemade lasagne with Bolognese sauce and cream

    Spaghetti Bolognese ✦NEW✦

    Acoustic homemade bolognese sauce served over spaghetti with basil and garlic

    Crispy Lasagna

    Layers of Italian lasagna made with bolognese and béchamel sauce served in the chefs artistic way

      Pizza & Sandwitches
    Mediterranean Pizza

    With feta cheese, tomatoes, green pepper, olives and onion

    Mozzarella Buffala

    With fresh tomatoes and basil

    Pizza Bellaitalia

    Traditional Italian Pizza with your choice of rocca, vegetables or cheese

    Mini Waygu Beef Burger ✦NEW✦

    With Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, pickles, & organic potatoes

    Chicken Quesadilla

    Chicken with Mexican spices in a tortilla, served with salsa, sour cream and fries

    Club Sandwich

    Layers of Acoustic homemade toast filled with dijon mustard, mayonnaise, chicken, tomato and egg served with french fries

    Chicken Tandoori Pockets

    Spicy tortilla filled with spicy chicken served with yoghurt sauce

      Main Dish
    Grilled Norwegian Salmon

    Grilled salmon served with vegetables and lemon butter sauce

    Chicken Breast

    Organic chicken breast with saffron & steamed rice

    Emince De Boeuf ✦NEW✦

    Sirloin steak served with grilled vegetables and mushroom sauce

    Tenderloin Black Angus

    With grilled vegetables & chefs special homemade sauce

    Salmon Risotto

    Italian risotto made with saffron sauce, added alongside some grilled spicy salmon.

    Chicken Putt

    Pastry filled with chicken and mushroom sauce

    Side Dishes

    Your choice of Mashed potato or french fries or vegetables or rice

    Russian Honey Cake ✦NEW✦

    Layers of cake filled with cream of honey

    Pistachio Cake ✦NEW✦

    Layers of pistachio cake filled with cream of pistachio and rose water

    Chocolate Fondant

    Hot chocolate cake with a molten core served with ice cream


    Puff pastry filled with French cream, drizzled with a choice of chocolate or pistachio

    Hot Brazilian Souffle Mug

    Chocolate souffle mug, served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

    Raspberry Mille Feuille

    French pastry layered in between French cream, served with fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce

    Chocolate Brownie

    Homemade chocolate brownie served with a scoop of ice cream and nuts


    Pistachio / Lotus / Oreo / Red Velvet / Chocolate

    Konafa Pistachio Ice Cream
    Toffee Chocolate Date Cake

    With two scoops of caramel ice cream and nuts

    Ice Cream Mille Feuille (2 Persons +) ✦NEW✦

    Mille feuille crusts with two scoops of ice cream

    Nutella Tiramisu ✦NEW✦

    Layers of sponge cake dipped in coffee topped with mascarpone cheese and nutella garnished with cocoa powder